About the Lead India Foundation (USA)

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India, initiated the Lead India Movement to Transform Youth into Responsible Citizens and engage them in Developing the Nation. The Lead India Foundation (USA), is a brainchild of Dr. Kalam’s VISION 2020 and founded with a mission to provide affordable quality Healthcare, affordable quality Education, Preserve & protect the planet for future generations and Develop Spiritual Families to establish Peace & Harmony in the society.

The key component of the VISION 2020 is the PURA [Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas] program to provide: Electronic connectivity, Health connectivity, Education connectivity, Grid Independent Energy Connectivity, which will lead into Financial Connectivity and develop the nation holistically, reduce migration of rural population into overcrowded urban areas.

Dr. Kalam also realized the human resource potential of India. About 65% of the Indians are below 35 Yrs; 55% are below 25Yrs and 35% are below 15 Yrs: and the average working age of Indian will be about 29Yrs, youngest workforce and 1/5th of the working in the World of Indian origin, he felt, we must transform them into responsible citizens to avoid disaster to India and the world. Lead India conducts a value based leadership training program to Transform Youth into Responsible Citizens and engage them in Developing the Nation.


Vision & Mission

Our mission is to bring India’s 540 Million children out of poverty, and make them world citizens. This will be done with the understanding that individual development leads to national development. This is a non-Govt. program, and may well be the largest social change program in history! We want to transform and empower today’s youth in India to become tomorrow’s leaders. We want to Ignite the minds of youth, train and nurture them as vibrant change agents to lead India and to make it a developed nation.

  • Transform Youth into Responsible Citizens and Engage Them in Developing the Nation